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I hold the mirror up to your soul.
Get breakthroughs, laser - focus clarity & channelled healing.
Bespoke Personal Oracles & Sessions.

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Insights are my jam. For as far as I can remember I've always been one who “knows” the essence of things, the essence of a problem or obstacle, the essence of beauty or a truth or a soul.


Have you ever felt like you needed to hide your passions or your truth? 

Or perhaps you’re feeling like your passion or

your truth are hiding from you?


I see you.

How would you be doing things differently if you had the clarity you're seeking?

Read more about my transformation story (how I went from hiding in fear to healing and living my purpose) and how I can support your transformation here:


I know there’s more inside of you than fear, doubt, or confusion…


You have an inner knowing that is tickling your heart and encouraging you to learn more. 


You're an entrepreneur, a coach or perhaps an artist who has an essential calling, a passion stirring, a question you need answered, and you long to receive more clarity and guidance on your next steps towards the path for your greatest fulfillment. 


If it wasn’t for a deep longing within that I simply couldn’t ignore, I would probably still be stuck keeping my passions private and living in fear and contraction. 


Have you ever felt this kind of fear and contraction stopping you from realizing your greatest potential? 


It is my great honor to hold space in which your longing for truth and

clarity will be heard and known. The answers are always here,

waiting for you to discover them.

Remove blocks and get answers. Tarot Readings, Akashic Records,  Intuition, Psychic, and Mediumship.



Tarot has often been associated with predicting the future and fortune-telling. I personally see Tarot cards as a timeless tool that connects you with your higher self and enables you to unearth your full potential. It fuses archetypes, intuition, and metaphysics.

As a certified Akashic Records and Biddy Tarot reader, I aim to be a source of guidance by incorporating advanced intuition, psychic cognition, and practical strategies to support you in navigating all aspects of life, from personal growth to career and relationships. In other words, think of the intelligence behind the Tarot as a wise spiritual friend and an amazing tool in your personal navigation system.

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