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Hola, Soul Seeker!

Welcome to the prelude of the Circle. I started meditating on you the moment you signed up. I created an energetic line for you to receive energy, blessings, and activations until we meet in our circle. You may or may not feel anything, all you need to know is that a wonderful, protective and loving energy is reaching you right now.

Messages from your team in Spirit.

Your journey starts here and will continue long after our session ends. You were guided to co-create this group and will receive individual, parallel, and universal messages.

All you have to do is to bring a question or two and an open heart. I'll bring the insights, the high vibes, and the Soul confetti!

Loom Message - 25 April 2022
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Opening your Heart Portal.

As you prepare to enter "the space in between", I invite you to raise your vibration by grounding your energy and quieting your mind by listening to any music you feel in resonance. I've made a playlist for you with some of the tunes I listen to before opening Sacred Space in my sessions.

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